In this world of superficial attraction, I want no part in.

That person you feel so comfortable with, yet you want to be perfect for. A best friend who won’t mind that you’re not perfect, but loves you nonetheless for trying to be. One who can look at you, and smile the warmest smile. One who can look you in the eye, and you can swear everything in the world is alright. And that knowing that when the realities of the world come your way, you will know they are there for you through it all.

A true, honest, loving and funny companion in front of you with all they are, while chances are you feel it being surreal, but your soul takes over and says exactly what you meant the heart to tell the mind to say.

A stubborn individual with believes and hopes so high it makes you want to dream even bigger than you already are, but without any hesitation or fear. A safe haven. An unpredictable certainty. A force out of control, that is given into.

Their arms, the only place you want to be, and the only place where the world feels alright. Because in this world of superficial attraction I want no part in. Give me crazy. Give me anything but ordinary. And if I can’t have this person, I’ll just say that the game is fair, but the dealing is crooked. I am all chips in, betting everything on it.


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