Loving on the surface – a short story

A beautiful, warm summer night, and she was stretched out on the unmade bed clutching the book she had barely been able to finish because of the distraction in the form of her handsome lover.  She kept trying hard to concentrate on the lines, but he was standing in front of the mirror, with the dim light throwing suggestive light on the parts of his body not covered by the clothing he is yet to put on. He splashes cologne on his neck with his hands, and catches her smiling at him with eyes full of wonder. He smirks back over his shoulder, buttons up his crisp white shirt in one seemingly easy stride and elegantly fastens his gold cuflings. David is on his way to a dinner in honour of one of the charities he is  ambassador for. Mariana is not joining him tonight, she has to finish reading this book as part of a research for her new business endeavor. But with the magnetic distraction, the complete absorbtion with his charm, his presence, those lips, the eyes, the curve of his mouth that falls into the most seductive smile… Spotting her gaze and noticing the obvious gesture at the attention seeking through Mariana putting her book down, he walks over to stand next to her at the right end of the bed. ‘What is going through that mind of your?’ he asks as she kneels on the bed, in front of him. She smiles at him, tilts her head and asks whether he misses it…

‘Miss what?’ he wonders. ‘Being a bachelor. Getting ready without another on the bed, watching you do so. Leaving the apartment by yourself, coming home by yourself. Don’t you miss any of that?’ Mariana asks him. He slips his hands into the pockets of his tailored suit pants and lets out a big breath of air. ‘Well, there are at times aspects of one’s life that might seem attractive, but I am now at that age where I promised myself time to relax. This is why I worked so hard in my youth.’ He replied and Mariana lets out a sweet laugh; ‘in my youth, you make it seem you are as old as the mountains!’ She got up to her knees on the bed, and was not the same eye level as David. He moves closer, wraps his hands around her naked body covered only by one of his button up shirts. She threw he arms around his neck, kissed him passionately and rested her head on his shoulders. ‘You are a marvelous woman’, he says as he locks eyes with her again, ‘but why the question?…’

‘I guess I’m just realizing that I wouldn’t want to end up being a part of your bachelor side of life. Watching you get ready, being here while you do so… makes me never want to have you walk out the door without me, or without being assured of your return. And then I think this is some fraction as to what makes up love, and it scares me, because I am not sure if you would ever want that to be different.’ This was a serious confession for Mariana to make. Although being deeply loving and caring, a believer of love and live and all the things that come between, such as hurt and suffering from before has made her fragile to risking her heart. But there had always been something about David she was intoxicated by. And now being in his bed, his shirt, his arms, it seemed a risk well worth the taking. But only what he would say in reply to her insecure, perhaps wondering of where her place in his future and him in hers, made her stop, and reconsider.

‘Something about your presence in my life, and this started the moment I laid eyes on you absolutely terrified me. Because I knew, once I let you in, I would never want to let you go. See this is what I had hoped; that when we met, talked, shared so much on such a deep level, I would be terrified, because I would realize what was once something I hoped for, was now a reality. And here I am now, holding reality in my arms…’ was the only thing David had said.

Mariana watched him walk out the door to attend the dinner he had to. She laid back on the bed, knowing, she too was now in trouble, because she was so absolutely infatuated with David and slipped in love so deep she won’t be able to come out of it without him. She picked up the book she had been neglecting and knew she had the whole night now to finish it, until David returns of course, and the book takes a backseat as they can both, together slip in love without any holding back. Because one stare, one question, and one answer had shattered all elements of doubt. And although they are now both assured by a love so intense it scares, they both have been keeping back on the surface.

To be continued…

It’s two people, one loving on the surface, the other just as much; finding out that only together can they shatter the surface and love wholeheartedly, and without holding back.

See, nobody wants to be loved childishly. We want to be loved with the strength and charm of maturity. We don’t want to be smothered by the fear of jealousy and insecurities. We don’t want a relationship that is based purely on shutting the world out and locking each other in. You want to be with someone who will enable you to breath. Where in the midst of a million heartbeats surrounding you, you can still know the sound or even play the tune, or nod your head to the rhythm of the one you call home.

And this story, was a small reflection of a love like the above. May we all find such a love.


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