Remember me, happily.

There is a story of a boy, who met a girl, and they instantly loved what they saw. Innocent and fueled by the prospects of a new love, and a new endeavor. The tragedy of this story lies in the fact that the boy, was a troubled one… He had had his own hidden demons. The tragedy is, that although he loved her, and loved her very much… He had convinced himself that she deserved better, and that he was not it, that he would just poison the innocence that is her soul with his troubles.

Catch 22: A paradoxical situation which an individual is incapable of avoiding a problem because of contradictory constraints. A logical conundrum where a person is trapped no matter what they do.

The girl? Confusion moved into her heart as her new best friend. Someone loved her, wanted to be with her… but had convinced themselves, because of their troubles, she deserves better. Does she not get any say in this? She did not. She was told to stay away for her own good. See, we never really get to know people. Maybe we will all die unknown, because we only see what we want in other’s, and they only show us what they want us to see. Perhaps the best we can do is to know ourselves first.

She had realized the unhealthiness that was this affair. She had to cast aside her love for him, because he will never give into himself. And to help her do this, he fell into a sequence of public displays to show her just how troubled he was.

Until the last thing that they ever said to one another, thanks to a few too many drinks on his side, was the following…

Him: I am truly sorry  for treating you like such an asshole

Her: You’re not just treating me like an asshole, you’re acting like one!

Him: I am sorry for that too…

Her: Sure, because sorry fixes everything

Him: It’s a start

Her: And what’s the end going to be?

Him: That you’ll forgive me and move on

Her: I have already done both

Him: Thank you

Her: And thank you for showing me who you really are

Him: Which is what?

Her: Someone who disappointed me

Him: I told you I would…

Her: Shame on me then, right?

Him: yeah, better sooner than later

Her: It was already too late.

Him: Sorry…

Her: Save it…

If you love someone, be with them no matter what. Down the line you can figure the details out. The truth will lie in trying, and finding out. Something these two never did. And that, that is the only regret, that I, as the above ‘her’ had. I never said ‘I love you’, because I saw the conviction in his eyes that despite his love, he just wanted better for me. And for that, he will always stay a beautiful lesson.

Let lovers be lessons, because we will realize one day when you meet the other half of your soul why all these needed to go. When you meet the one who deserves your heart, you will understand why you and all the others need to be apart.


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