What’s in a word?

Refined is my new word. Aesthetic is my favorite.

Pondering is my action. Laughter my escape.

Belief is my manifesto. Hope is my only comfort.

Coffee, Tea & Gin and Tonic are my drinks.

Inspiration is my oxygen. Love is my passion.

My happiness lies in Mixtapes, Record players, Homemade Rustic Pizza’s, Leather Couches, Cotton and Wool, Fire Places, Coffee, Whiskey, Wine, Claude de Bussy, Norah Jones, Jazz, YSL perfume, Parissiene, Theaters, Candles, Art, Tight dresses, Red lips, Trees, Flowers, Peonies and Roses, Rain, Tears, Kissing, Napping, Champagne, Art exhibitions, Live Music Shows, Labradors, My Long Flowing Hair, Books, Libraries, Writing, Mom’s Chunky Cotton Jersey, Occasional Rap and Hip Hop, Blues, Baking, Cooking.

And somewhere out there are the people who share these similarities. I wish you well until I meet you, one day, someday.


What’s in a word…


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