The most beautiful poem I have ever read

The star illuminates the pole, and the moon colors the night. But my guide is a sole star and if, when the shadows have been dispelled, my star rises from the East, my mind will ignore the shadows of sorrow. You are my radiant star, who will dispel the night, whereas with you night is splendid radiance.

If I feel hunger, only you sate me; if I feel thirst, only you quench it. But what am I saying? You refresh, but do not satiate. Never have I been sated with you, nor shall I ever be. So great is your sweetness, so wondrous your constancy, so ineffable the tore of your voice, such the beauty and grace that crown you, that it would be a great offense to attempt to express them in words.

May the fire that consumes us grow always, and with new fuel, and the more it remains hidden, the more it will flare up and deceive the envious and the treacherous, so that the question will ever remain: which of us loves the more, and so between us there will be joined a beautiful duel in which both are victorious.

To you, my happy hope, I offer my faith, and with all devotion I offer myself for as long as I may live…

Be well, for in you lies all my health, in you are my hope and my repose. Even before you awake, my soul finds you again, preserved within itself.

From the first moment when we saw each other, I have loved you before all other; prefering you, I have wanted you; wanting you I have sought you; seeking you, I have found you; finding you, I have loved you; loving you, I have desired you; desiring you, I have set you in my heart above all else…

From the novel Baudolino, by Umberto Eco.



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