Because, you’re worth it.

I have this friend, a beautiful soul. But as us all, she has a few things she protects inside. Across all spectrum’s of live; the rocky journey she has traveled on to be where she is at now, the insecurities she wrestles in acquitting her ambitions with… you know, the normal things us 20 somethings battle with. She tells me: “That goes for you too ey, I don’t want you sitting there thinking that you’re not worth loving.” – This as a result of advice I was giving her on ‘why this man is no good for you.’  Needles to say her response had me thinking… Felt like I had Kanye West singing his Bound 2 ‘I know you’re tired of loving with nobody to love’ on a loop…

My response?

 No, see, I have never thought that I was not worth loving. It is just a temporary sadness to realize from time to time, that each time I was loved, it was not irrevocably.. But my strength comes from knowing that it was never as a result of my own character.

That’s the only part how hurt has come from love – that we love the wrong one’s…

You have to believe you are worth loving, because you, beautiful, are…


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