Messages from chance.

You: You get to have beauty, brains and incomparable charm. It’s a wonder my self esteem isn’t worse around you. You are light. I actually wanted to dedicate my latest work to you – its a work in progress that i’m writing but I realized that its you, it’s all for you.

Me: I love you dearly. Those words are part of what makes up the reason for my ‘light’. Because i know, and realize the beauty I have around me.

You: Anje, you are everything.

And my heart melts…

We all live for these tiny, seemingly insignificant conversations that create within us the ‘unbearable lightness of being’ they talk about. Keep heart and dispel in all sorrows and fears, because one day they will all be turned into joys, I am slowly seeing before me how this is happening – and conversations like these are chances that create it.



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